Our Approach: Human Behaviour

Successful wayfinding means preventing any disorientation. To achieve this, a full understanding of human behaviour is critical.

Effective wayfinding requires an awareness of the in-built cognitive mechanisms by which human beings navigate and harnessing them correctly. We know human behaviour is complex. We aim to understand and simplify.

Our understanding of the subconscious informs decisions such as where and when to position information, which is key to our success.

Our in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and understanding of the limitations of our spatial awareness, combined with cultural factors and conditioning are all an essential part of what we do.

In creating a solution, our consultative approach means we examine the ways people perceive space and how they navigate through complex environments. Understanding the information people can store and what they reject, what they see clearly and what they miss is paramount in determining the best conclusion.

Our experts can provide you with an in depth analysis of how you perceive and navigate a space, allowing you to understand the complexity of spatial awareness and the need for strategies to aid human navigation. In doing so, we can create a unique wayfinding strategy tailored to your specific environment.