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  1. HOME Manchester – Contemporary Arts and Wayfinding

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    HOME describes itself as a place ‘for curiosity seekers, for lovers of the dramatic, the digital and the deeply engaging; for radicals and reciprocates.’ The newly built building contains two theatres, five cinemas and an art gallery which replaces the Cornerhouse and the Library Theatre.

    On the 21st May 2015 HOME was opened to the public by local film maker Danny Boyle. The £25 million arts complex received immediate praise from the public. The new project provides a modern centre for arts and culture based in Manchester – regenerating derelict land and boosting the city’s cultural profile.

    Select Wayfinding (Wayfinder UK) made time to visit the site a couple weeks after the opening. On visiting you are immediately struck by the clean and contemporary interior. The building is welcoming, encouraging public engagement with the facilities at hand.

    The wayfinding specification helped to provide the project with a clear direction. An understanding of managing the movement of people was crucial to help develop the communications and logistics of the  building.

    The signage was specifically designed to wrap around corners of several walls on the premises. This made effective use of the limited space available. The materials used match the overall décor and are placed strategically around the venue.

    HOME – Corner Signs

    Fitted screens mean flexibility of information, ensuring the public are informed with live information. Utilising such a system gives rise to plenty of marketing opportunities to portray HOME as a place to visit for the culturally inspired.

    The facility needed to be capable of managing large amounts of people, indeed Danny Boyle said that he anticipated ‘Heathrow Terminal 5-type chaos upon the opening of the new complex’. However, the opening was smooth and successful, generating a host positive reviews from the public.

    HOME is a fantastic addition to art and culture in Manchester, allowing the city to compete not only nationally but globally. HOME has deservedly enjoyed plenty of positive publicity over the last few weeks and the project as a whole is a credit to all those involved.