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Select Wayfinding – wayfinding for Merseyrail

Select Wayfinding (Wayfinder UK) were commissioned by Merseyrail to undertake a general analysis of the organisation’s current wayfinding provision across 64 stations. Concentrating on how Merseyrail links up with other networks on the main national rail network. Brief We were briefed to highlight the issues compromising the current Wayfinding Strategy and to make recommendations on… Read More

What is Wayfinding?

Put simply, the answer to the question “what is wayfinding?” is “the efficient movement of people in places and spaces”. It was Kevin Lynch who very first coined the word ‘wayfinding’ in his 1960 book The Image of the City. Where he discussed how users understood their surroundings in constant and expected ways. As a result his work… Read More

Select Wayfinding take part in Fleetwood Half Marathon 2015.

Select Wayfinding (Wayfinder UK) nominated two employees to take part in the Fleetwood half marathon in August 2015 to raise money for The Christie, one of Europe’s leading cancer centres. The half marathon, which equates to 21km took place along the coast in Fleetwood, North Lancashire. Chris and Rob committed to 10 weeks of intense… Read More

The University of Sheffield collaborate with Select Wayfinding for Velocity 2

The start of the University year has seen the opening of Velocity 2, a new build part of The University of Sheffield’s commitment to growing and developing their teaching facilities. Velocity 2 is part of the Velocity Village and provides a modern, urban environment for the Sheffield community and Sheffield as a whole. Sheffield University… Read More

The Diamond – The University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is on the verge of revealing its latest flagship building this autumn. The Diamond building is said to have cost £81 million and is the largest investment in teaching and learning for the University. The name ‘diamond’ was chosen due to the distinctive diamond shaped wrap around the building. The project… Read More

HOME Manchester – Contemporary Arts and Wayfinding

HOME describes itself as a place ‘for curiosity seekers, for lovers of the dramatic, the digital and the deeply engaging; for radicals and reciprocates.’ The newly built building contains two theatres, five cinemas and an art gallery which replaces the Cornerhouse and the Library Theatre. On the 21st May 2015 HOME was opened to the public… Read More

Effective wayfinding can only be achieved by understanding the in-built cognitive mechanisms by which human beings navigate and harnessing them correctly.

Giving You a Strategic Wayfinding Solution That Works

We can provide you with industry leading wayfinding consultancy delivering an in depth analysis of how you perceive and navigate a building or area. Allowing you to understand the complexity of spatial awareness and the need for strategies to aid human navigation.

Wayfinding Technology

Wayfinding technology is at the cutting edge of the industry. We are launching our sister site www.wayfinderapp.co.uk soon, but if you’d like to hear a bit more about wayfinding navigation technology in the meantime then give us a call. We will always strive to find the most efficient solution to your wayfinding problems.

Our Wayfinding Approach

We’d love to discuss our wayfinding approach with you in more detail. We won’t go into the technical aspects here as to
protect our intellectual property this information is kept to client briefings. However, as this information is vital to your understanding of our services and its benefits, we’re more than happy to discuss this further over the phone, or face to face.

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