Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use Select Wayfinding?
We are the only independent wayfinding company in the UK that is not linked to Design, Signage, Architecture. We come from the human behavioural side and have been very successful on hundreds of projects.

Why not use a Design Agency?
Using a design company will only give you a graphic solution and miss out the important function of human behaviour. Design companies tend to say they do wayfinding as a bolt on service but this is only 3% of their business and graphic led.

Why not use a Signage company?
Using a Signage company will only give you a lot more signage as it is their interest to sell signage. You will also miss out the important function of human behaviour and the total integration of communication throughout a solution.

Do you work with Design Agencies and Signage Companies?
We work with several organisations that recognise the benefits of getting the wayfinding done correctly first before they inject life into the final solution.

Can you help us with implementation of the solution?
We now do this for many clients as we now have direct access to the manufacturers and pass on the cost savings.

What other cost savings can we achieve?
We can often reduce the need for signage by as much as 40%. We can also pass on savings by helping you get material direct from the manufacturers.

Wayfinding is not Signage?
It may result in signage but you must get the communication trail correct first or you will end up doing it all again, which is very expensive.

What are the main benefits of using Select Wayfinding?
Our consultancy fees are cost neutral as all our clients benefit from the efficient movement of people, good experience by users, and massive cost savings in materials and implementation.

There are many more questions I am sure you will want to ask so contact us on 01204 362 450 to arrange a free, no obligation telephone conversation with one of our senior consultants.