Princess Alexandra Hospital

Select Wayfinding (Wayfinder UK) have been busy in recent months, coordinating several projects, in particular the implementation of a new efficient strategy regarding the movement of people around Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex. The Hospital was having trouble achieving a positive visitor experience, meaning many patients simply weren’t getting to their appointments. A strategy was put in place in order to stop confusion by being simplistic and pragmatic in the approach. The project incorporated Wayfinding, Branding and Signage. Giving the client full understanding and control over their solution whilst delivering the result on time and within budget.

The Hospital had persisted with a cluttered, complex system which was exhibited by the signs both externally and internally. This impacted on the efficiency of the hospital, costing thousands of pounds in wasted time and appointments. A hospital wayfinding solution has been sure to improve the Princess Alexandra Hospital, ensuring longevity whilst minimising future maintenance and management costs.