Neovia The team wanted to put together a strategy which was easy to understand for all users on site.

Neovia was founded in 1986 as Caterpillar Logistics Services. During the last few decades, their initial customers included many leading automotive companies and industrial goods manufacturers. They then extended their reach to support companies in aerospace and defence, chemicals and petrochemicals, retail and consumer durables, oil and gas, and technology, while continuing their longstanding work with automotive, industrial and mining firms. Today, Neovia is one of the world’s leading industrial contract logistics companies.

Neovia commissioned Wayfinder UK to analyse their main site in Desford, near Leicester. The vast site has massive logistical capabilities, offering services to large companies such as Land Rover. The team wanted to put together a strategy which was easy to understand for all users on site. In particular, the lorry drivers who had to navigate the site quickly to pick up their next delivery. A large logistics centre like this needs to maximise its efficiency in order to function at a competitive level. Once the wayfinding survey was completed, our consultants created a practical wayfinding system, whilst ensuring a durable signage solution was implemented to the highest standard. This ensured Neovia an economical solution that would be robust and built to last.

Neovia complemented Wayfinder UK on their communication skills throughout this project. Remarking how the consultants kept Neovia up to date with each stage of the project, openly discussing the next phase and allowing for changes where necessary. This allowed for the implementation to be of the highest standard and ensured the project was completed on time.

Corporate Wayfinding

In addition to the project showcased here, Wayfinder have delivered wayfinding projects to lots of other clients in this sector. Here are just a selection of them:

  • Lloyds of London
  • Martin Brower (Distribution)
  • Neovia
  • Cargill
  • Caterpillar
  • G & J Seddon Group HQ
  • Offices 44 Peter Street, Manchester
  • Edward Mellor Group
  • Barings Bank
  • Lloyds Chatham
  • CII (Chartered Institute of Insurers)
  • Ultralase
  • Magnus Office management
  • NWML (National Weights and Measures Lab)
  • Fleet Hire Wallasey
  • Bents Garden Centre
  • Canopious Insurance
  • HCPC London

Our Wayfinding Process

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