Blackburn Market

The quality sign system enhanced the brand of the market place, giving the market a modern feel.

Over the last few years a number of major regeneration projects have changed the face of Blackburn bringing new and improved public spaces, buildings and transport networks. A £66 million extension to The Mall Shopping Centre has improved the town centre beyond all expectations. As part of this project Blackburn Market was located on the ground floor of the shopping centre. The new Blackburn Market offers traditional values within a modern and bright environment.

It was important for the consultants at Wayfinder to show the links between the main shopping centre and the market, whilst emphasising their separate identities. A strategy was agreed within the market which would be intuitive for the general public, whilst being sympathetic to the design of the building. The consultants believed that it was important for the public to understand their exact location no matter where they stand in the market, therefore the position of the signs in high locations allows for simple navigation.

The team wanted to ensure that the signs incorporated a ‘green trim’ which was part of the agreed brand identity for the market. This allowed the market a distinct feel, which was unlike that of The Mall Shopping Centre, in order to differentiate the two separate locations. The quality sign system enhanced the brand of the market place, giving the market a modern feel. This contempory edge to an otherwise traditional market has mean Blackburn market stands out as one of the North Wests success stories.

The project was an overwhelming success, the solution was simple yet effective and means the market can function well on a day to day basis into the future. We were happy to be part of the regeneration of the Blackburn.

Town and City Wayfinding

In addition to the project showcased here, Wayfinder have delivered wayfinding projects to lots of other clients in this sector. Here are just a selection of them:

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  • Blackburn Market
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  • Spice Ball Leisure Centre, Banbury
  • Jason Kenny Centre, Bolton
  • Richmond Park estate, Sheffield
  • Connexions
  • Catmose Campus
  • Great Places Housing Group

Our Wayfinding Process

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