Heathrow Airport (Bus Terminal)

Wayfinder UK were able to develop a detailed wayfinding strategy which worked in harmony with the clients commercial, corporate image and brand considerations.

Heathrow central bus station is located between Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at the largest airport in the United Kingdom. It provides extensive transport links to and from the airport 24 hours a day.

Working closely with the clients National Express and BAA to understand the operational requirements of the Airport as a whole, Wayfinder UK analysed how the proposed changes to the Bus Station would affect the Airport’s existing wayfinding strategy.


Wayfinder UK offered a solution which answered all passengers onward transport needs, navigating them up throughout the Airport’s four terminals, helping them to decide on their preferred mode of transport and delivering them quickly and efficiently to their departure points of which the Bus Station was just one. The team formed a scheme where the final designs chosen were sympathetic to the characteristics of the environment. The designs were robust while enhancing the clients brand and corporate image with clean aesthetic qualities.

Wayfinder UK were able to develop a detailed wayfinding strategy which worked in harmony with the clients commercial, corporate image and brand considerations, to offer the following:

- A cohesive strategy for the whole site, sympathetic with the structures design, both inside and out.
- A strategy which would extent effectively into the wider airport environment without compromise.
- Consistent design characteristics.
- A recognisable and cohesive “family of signs”.
- A wayfinding strategy supportive of commercial requirements.

The chosen strategy resulted in an increase in the efficient movement of passengers across the terminal. This rise in efficiencies meant a natural reduction in wayfinding related complaints. As people began to move more easily, Heathrow noted an increase in the number of people using the bus and coach services, leading to an increase in revenue. The wayfinding strategy meant significant reductions to the original sign requirements leading to further savings on the maintenance costs. Our consultants were sure to comply with the DDA (disabled discrimination acts) without compromising the design.

Transport Wayfinding

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