Wayfinding and its relevance within the New Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Guidance for Compliance, April 2015

When it set out its new Vision and direction in its Strategy for 2013 – 2016, Raising standards, putting people first and in its consultation, A new start, the CQC proposed radical changes to the way it regulates health & social care services.   

As of April 2015 changes will come into effect in the way in which these services are inspected and appraised and as a result, the ratings they attain could be significantly affected if measures are not taken to conform 

To support them in this task, organisations will be supported by a new guidance document, on meeting the fundamental standards and on CQC’s enforcement powers. 

In the new Fundamental Standards there will be renewed focus on “Cleanliness, safety and suitability of premises and equipment” and with the emphasis on “putting people first”, as well as its promotion of quality and diversity it is understood that the full scope of patient wayfinding, particularly where it involves access issues will fall under the CQC remit for greater scrutiny. 

In response to these changes, Select Wayfinding (Wayfinder UK), the UK’s  largest provider of independent wayfinding consultancy services to the NHS have put together a number of packages aimed at providing NHS Trusts and other care providers fast and cost effective advice on potential issues and how to address them.