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  1. The Diamond – The University of Sheffield

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    The University of Sheffield is on the verge of revealing its latest flagship building this autumn. The Diamond building is said to have cost £81 million and is the largest investment in teaching and learning for the University. The name ‘diamond’ was chosen due to the distinctive diamond shaped wrap around the building. The project includes an intricate external façade formed in anodised aluminium. The new space will host specialist engineering facilities and include a range of seminar rooms and open plan learning spaces. Not to mention a brand new café to provide the student community a new place to eat.

    The building has been designed by Twelve Architects in partnership with Balfour Beatty Construction. The design of the building promotes new methods of teaching, including laboratories and flexible teaching spaces. Supporting the Faculty of Engineering’s world class reputation. The 6 story build will be capable of accommodating 5000 student study spaces. Such a large number a students making use of this building requires a detailed wayfinding analysis to determine the efficient movement of students within the facility.

    Interior under construction

    Interior under construction

    Select Wayfinding (Wayfinder UK) have been brought in to work with Sheffield University to form a wayfinding strategy for this prestigious building. The challenge has been to make this unique and modern space as intuitive as possible, whilst incorporating various screens and technology. As a result signage has been kept to a minimum, giving the impression of a high-tech building which embraces a natural flow of people. The signs which are present, have been designed to promote the University’s image, generating a positive brand experience. The university wayfinding strategy is simple yet effective, another example of Wayfinder’s work in the University sector.

    Once completed, it is estimated the building will provide 500 new jobs. Whilst contributing over £80 million to the local economy within the first 3 years of opening. The Diamond building will act as the jewel in the crown for the University and for the city. Positioning the university as a forward thinking organisation, dedicated to providing their students with quality facilities and education.