City Wayfinding

City wayfinding strategies have begun to be implemented as a crucial part of urban planning across cities worldwide

The primary focus of city wayfinding is the outdoor environment and as a result directing the public across a large scale wayfinding system. Therefore such large scale planning brings into consideration a vast range of users, from pedestrians to cyclists. It is vital to understand their typical routes and consequently analyse what can be done, improving each user’s navigation methods.

Our city wayfinding can also include the incorporation of local authority buildings which can be integrated into a large scale wayfinding strategy. Therefore driving a cohesive system of communication both internally and externally. As a result helping develop a user friendly city and a positive brand image.

Benefits of Our City Wayfinding Process

  • Efficient movement of people
  • Massive cost savings
  • More enjoyable experience
  • Management document
  • Positive visitor feedback
  • Reduced signage
  • Project Implementation
  • Improves Brand and Image

Related Projects

In addition to the projects showcased here, Wayfinder have delivered wayfinding projects to lots of other clients in this sector. Here are just a selection of them:

  • HOME (Cinema, Theatre, Arts Venue Manchester)
  • Bolton MBC town Centre complex
  • Blackburn Market
  • Menwith Hill (airbase)
  • North Wales Police
  • East Sussex Police
  • Bolton One Sports complex
  • Spice Ball Leisure Centre, Banbury
  • Jason Kenny Centre, Bolton
  • Richmond Park estate, Sheffield
  • Connexions
  • Catmose Campus
  • Great Places Housing Group

Effective wayfinding for towns and cities is incredibly complex and hence can only be achieved by understanding the in-built cognitive mechanisms by which human beings navigate. Consequently we can then harness them in the correct manner.

Town and City Wayfinding
Our knowledge of City Wayfinding where and when to position information is key. As a result we understand the cognitive processes and workings within our subconscious which can render visible signs useless. In creating a solution, our consultative approach means we examine ways people perceive space and as a result how they navigate through complex environments. Consequently asking many questions to arrive at the correct solution.

Strategic wayfinding solutions for your City

We can provide you with an in depth analysis of how you perceive and therefore navigate a building or area. Consequently this will allow you to understand the complexity of spatial awareness and the need for strategies to aid human navigation